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Importance of design and user experience (UX) in web development

Brayan Stiven Tovar Claros ,
Brayan Stiven Tovar Claros

Universidad de la Amazonia, Facultad de Ingeniería, Carrera de Ingeniería de Sistemas, Florencia, Colombia

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This article studies the responsive design and user experience (UX) in addition to its status and importance in web design and development, these being concepts not very well known or extended in Latin America, although they are currently fundamental factors to achieve Highlight in the supersaturated world of the internet. For this, the methodology of descriptive research and some aspects of the exploratory methodology are used, based on a broad reference framework updated to no more than 5 years and a fluid explanation of the characteristics and applications of the (UX). Currently the UX and with him, the responsive design has been adopted worldwide as a practically mandatory standard in the workplace, especially in social networks where you can see ever more impressive and ingenious demonstrations of application of these concepts.

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