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How artificial intelligence will shape the future of metaverse. A qualitative perspective

Idana Beroska Rincon Soto ,
Idana Beroska Rincon Soto

Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica

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Nayibe Soraya Sanchez Leon ,
Nayibe Soraya Sanchez Leon

Instituto Tolimense de Formación Técnica Profesional ITFIP, Tolima, Colombia

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The announcement of Facebook's rebranding to Meta and heavy investments in the metaverse by companies like Microsoft have brought attention to the metaverse as the next major technological advancement. The concept of Metaverse Seoul was recently unveiled, providing a virtual communication ecosystem for municipal administrative fields and specific services for persons with impairments utilizing XR technology. This study uses a qualitative perspective to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) will shape the future of the metaverse. Three methodological approaches were employed to address this research: literature review, historical-logical and phenomenological approach, and synthesis analysis. We have carefully considered how artificial intelligence has affected the development of the metaverse and how it can increase user immersion in virtual reality. The introduction to this book introduced the basic concepts of the metaverse, the techniques of artificial intelligence, and the role of artificial intelligence in the metaverse. After that, there are several important technology areas - including NLP, machine vision, blockchain, networks, deep learning, and neural interface - and a wide range of application areas - including healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities, gaming and DeFi. researched. The analyzed AI-based solutions have shown that AI has enormous potential to reinforce system design, improve built-in services in virtual worlds, and improve the 3D immersive experience. Finally, we examined well-known metaverse projects that included AI to improve service quality and consider the metaverse ecology. We will now list many metaverse-based AI research trajectories.

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Rincon Soto IB, Sanchez Leon NS. How artificial intelligence will shape the future of metaverse. A qualitative perspective. Metaverse Basic and Applied Research [Internet]. 2022 Dec. 29 [cited 2024 May 27];1:12. Available from:

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